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Overview of Housing Services

  Self-Help Homes:

Buy a NEW HOME in Palouse!  4 homes are under construction NOW!


We build new energy efficient, affordable homes!

The Community Action Center (CAC) is committed to provide you the opportunity to turn your dream of owing your own home into a reality.  We help people get a new home with little or no down payment.  We have built and sold 12 homes in Whitman County and hope to continue building 4 homes per year. Click on the Self-Help Homes tab at the left to learn more.

Weatherization ServicesWhere  are  you  losing  money   in your home?

home energy loss

We provide energy conservation Improvements on existing homes. Potential Improvements may include insulation, weather stripping, air sealing, furnace repair, and other draft reduction measures.  The measures will reduce energy consumption and lower your utility bills. If you rent, all you need is your landlord approval.  If you own your home, your cost maybe $0 for the improvements.  Click on the Weatherization Services tab at the left to learn more.

Home Repair Loan Services is currently NOT Available

Services may available using the USDA Section 504 Repair Program.  Click on this link for more information: